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Real Time Advertising

Optimise the entire conversion journey

The industry is obsessed with the way media is traded. While trading is a key component of an effective media strategy; on its own, it will not have a sustained impact on the bottom line. At House of Kaizen we focus on planning and optimising the entire conversion journey, through the on-going validation of data and insights. We call it Real Time Advertising.

Our Real Time Advertising approach is supported by the following components:

Plan media in the context of the entire conversion funnel – messaging, audience, site & CRM

Leverage a Data Management Platform to deliver acquisition, up-sell & retention

Gather consumer insight by leveraging advertising, website, social media & audience analytics

Track and measure impact of investments beyond the last click & across offline touch points

Remove assumptions by applying our Hypothesis Planning & Optimisation methodology

Apply a diversified portfolio approach to channel selection & investment

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