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Pay per click (PPC) services

Turning search behaviour into profit

Search intent into acquisition

We provide a full pay-per-click (PPC) solution designed to:

Drive qualified customers to your web site;

Grow brand awareness and equity;

Increase your revenue and profit; and

Expand visibility against your competitors.

Our pay-per-click (PPC) service

We know that a one-size-fits-all service doesn't apply when it comes to paid marketing, so our PPC service is tailored to meet your specific challenges and requirements.We've been offering this service for over decade, so you'll be in expert hands. Despite our 'tailored-to-fit' approach we maintain a process that works consistently, you'll receive:

Comprehensive research report

Expert strategic direction

Campaign optimisation and development

Tracking and measurement of budgeting and goals

Reports detailing performance and insight

Dedicated research and analysis team to give you qualitative and quantitative insights

We provide you with our gimlet-eyed analysts (not literally, they tend not to leave our basement) to continuously track, measure and report on your PPC campaign status. If there's a keyword you haven't thought of they'll know it! By providing a dedicated team we ensure that nothing is missed, and your campaign is optimised to achieve the best possible ROI.

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