Are there different types of social media influencers?

We are of the opinion that there are three main types of social media influencers, the one that can attempt to attract, whose use depends upon each individual goal’s or budget.

The Aspirational Influencer:  The aspirational influencer is one of the most “known” of the types as it is what we most understand as marketing.  By definition, this is the type of influence applied towards someone who is aspiring to be like another person.

The Authoritative Influencer: Authority is earned in this group.  Authoritative influencers are like topical experts, you trust their opinion because you believe they are experts in that realm.

The Peer Influencer:  We believe that the peer influencer is the most powerful of all three, as this is applied from those whom we believe to be our equals.  Whilst we want and trust what authorities tell us works, we love to have what our friends and neighbours have.

Who should use influencer marketing?

We believe any business, whether large or small, can employ the concept.  A large brand might use a series of positive image celebrities and a pool of several thousand peer level influencers in a global campaign to spread a new advertising message, whereby a smaller e-commerce business will experience the most results by harnessing a smaller campaign through experts like ourselves, based upon an identified buyer persona.

For the wannabe influencers, you should be aware that social media has touched human consciousness to the point it provides a global connectedness that changes nations and cultures.  Us as individuals have been a unique control as to how we express ourselves.  The power of social media is now in your hands, it is up to you to create your own influential presence across the world in rich multimedia and colour.  If you wish to take control of your marketing, your publishing, become a thought leader, become influential and travel – then you should be considering influential marketing.

What do you believe makes a campaign successful?

B2B campaigns we have conducted have enjoyed enormous success on social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter when we have utilised a mix of peer and authoritative influencers.  B2C orientated brands appear to skew towards Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.  It is important to remember each business and each individual is unique.  We will help you focus as to where your potential consumers are spending their time online and who influences them.  We will help you experiment with different networks and ranges of reviewers in order to ascertain the best avenue to make influencer marketing work for you.

Is influencer marketing the future of social selling?

We firmly believe that influencer marketing as a subject matter is experiencing major trends as  major corporations and brands are looking for influencers to promote their products.  According to Forrester Research, it is likely to double by 2020.

Is Influencer Marketing Cost Effective?

We believe that the cost to acquire peer/micro influencers is going to cost you substantially less than hiring a celebrity!  Using our services you are able to reach a larger market penetration at a lower fit cost.  You should also take into consideration that influencer marketing is not advertising marketing, and is therefore not subject to anti-ad blockers and geo-targeting.

Which social media channel is the most appropriate for me?

We will explore this when we discuss each individual campaign with you.  We will examine merits based on factors such as casual acceptance, visual approach, channel selection once we know exactly what your goals are and who you are targeting.